Mission Statement

Saturday, June 28, 2008

thing 13

After watching the video from del.icio.us twice, I finally got the idea behind it. I can see this as very useful in doing research with kids. I am not sure I am prepared to have 8 year olds looking for info and tagging it however.
The biggest challenge for me is switching to this idea of community learner. I saw how practical everything is but I am just not a sharer. I have difficulty collaborating on inservices, let alone research etc.
As my choice of characters suggest, I am out on my own.


WonderWeiss said...

I think that the hardest part of the class is that most of this stuff would be great for research, but I'm not doing any right now. James and I decided that delicious would be good for Christmas, I can find what I want and tag it, and vice versa. No more vacuums!

Head Squirrel said...

You have great insight in this post. Sometimes the hardest part of the whole 2.0 experience is switching from being a lone planner/participator to being a part of a collaborative group. It is difficult for me, too. You are doing great! Forge ahead! :)