Mission Statement

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing Facebook

I have been on Facebook since January and I have contacted many old friends...I am concerned about the issue of people asking me to friend and I don't want them...some are very persistant. I would love for more info to float around about who should not 'friend' you...for example-parents of students...I can't see how this is going to work well all the time...
I would love to do something about a bookclub but I fear elementary students are too young for facebook;just stick to the blog idea.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 4 Library 2Play2

You tube...
Well I uploaded my Animoto of my kids. I think in August I will change it from public viewing, though. It was simple. So simple that I also added a view others to my account.
I added my niece's first music video to my favorites. I need to find my other video and play around with making it available to only a few people.
As for the classroom, first the animoto then on to youtube!!

Thing 3 of Library 2Play2

Well I liked Skpe when I first learned about it. My mom bought all us kids a webcam for Christmas...It spoke loudly to how anyone can learn on the computer as she was 82 at the time. We had trouble with using it with MACs and PCs. That has been solved. My European relatives are as close to me as I am to my American relatives as a result.
As for school, if a student is home sick, they should be allowed to heal. Skype would be okay for those who have say a broken collar bone and come to school...

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well as usual I found some new things I really like. The Wordle was interesting! I put in several of my writing pieces and was surprised that main ideas were in little type. As I put in more revisions of the same piece I saw the important words becoming bigger and bigger. I can see great things coming from the program.
Of course I loved and made another quick video on Animoto for my kids. I love this. I get constant stream of updates so I think I am staying on top of this learning.
I was challenged with the voice thread. I see lots of things being recorded-classroom conversations for others to hear...I have to play with this some more. Since I don't have a classroom I need to find out more before challenging others to try. I could be used as an interactive notebook, I think.
Voci was fun although I don't like how I sound.
Bookr is great choice over powerpoint. I hope we spend time teaching it. I see a lot of good for projects.

On to the next thing...