Mission Statement

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thing 11

I found this to be a fabulous site! There were blogs I thought I might like to read more-I read 3 different ones! I listed my books and from my recent rantings you could guess a few of the titles.
However, all that said I must plea again for more hours. To do this right-which I am trying-this takes an enormous amount of time.
What was the new book on your list? Mine was Peanut-marvelous for inferences!


coco said...

You are so right, this requires so much time and concentrations. Some sites are homeruns others are strike outs.

My addition to the book list was Chocolatina. A book with a clever story but also a useful tool in teaching voice during a writing lesson.

skippyjohn jones said...

thanks for the input on the book. I will look for it at the library. Maybe someday teaching will become all that technophiles hope it will be. They are the ones designing this stuff and probably hated school.