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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thing 12

From my iGoogle. Too funny not to share~
Two wonderful ideas were to:invite comments and add humor. I find myself to be humorous, as Skippyjon finds himself to be a chihuahua, and that did seem to spark the most comments on my blog. My previous post included a question-who would have guessed I internalized the ettiquette from just consumption (CCP on the mind). Strangely I believe I have commented, at least in my mind, that this would be a 'summer thing' but I am always wondering if someone has commented. I am going to amp up my next postings so I get more comments.

I went to others to comment on their blogs-wow some are even finished with all of them! It was hard because I picked ones I knew the "owner" of and I could get personal but then others would not understand. I will work on it.

Okay going to the unknown to comment was scary to say the least. I have no doubt they will be viewed as meaningless babble, like knuffle bunny. Good thing I put that I am skippyjohn. I can hardly wait for my comment on the Astros by Skippyjon.
I am still experiencing the blog issue of webpage and blog. I think I have a blog but it is a webpage. Hopefully I will get this down by the end of this course.
Also the people who I thought might have blogs don't. Man that seemed weird. They seem so out spoken. Perhaps I am not searching correctly. I also realized I need to become more interested in what others-beside my therapist-have to say.

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J-Lib said...

Commenting on your post to start commenting. I like your iGoogle comic...I need to find that tool to add to my iGoogle. I love Calvin and Hobbes! I miss 'em and I can't keep their books on the shelves for my own, selfish means.