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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is after 2 days of playing with the Google site...(Perhaps I can get more continuing education hours? )
I tried the iGoogle (took three times to type correctly-all the new grammar books about capitals in the middle of words are now wrong-ugh!). I have now added Calvin and Hobbes to it. I really think that might become my middle name. What do you think?
I also went to the calendar. I am perplexed by the need of our society to over organize itself. Perhaps if we remembered more, our brain cells might last longer. Just food for thought. I noticed my email account with Yahoo just did this too. I am wondering if some power is telling me something and I my "inbox in my head" is over the limit. I also found the 4 day work week to be great! How do I get the school board to go for it?
This is a poem. I have not shared with any one. I am looking for feedback. I am doing it in GoogleDoc (Did you notice I did not use it as a verb and I did capitalize it? WhooHoo for me!) http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=drvdj2r_3cqwjb36z
This will be very handy as I need to do presentations for the staff at my school. Now I can collaborate better. Perhaps I should share the DDI Jeopardy I made. Hmmm...
I could spend another 100 million hours on this but I am not sure I want to miss my youngest pottying in the toilet for the first time.

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