Mission Statement

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Okay the rantings continue! I posted a note to VWB-only to figure out I am okay I think in what I have used. However if anyone knows what a "nad" is or how to respond to a comment by others, please give me the directions. I apparently missed the vocabulary lesson-must have been in time out!

This is now my current thought (and photo from Flickr which I know I can use) about this adventure into cyberspace. There is a new thought for the next book. Skippyjon Jones Goes to Outerspace. Right now I feel like he did when he was rolled up in his tortilla. Or maybe I feel like Olivia staring at the art work she did not understand. For those in SBISD, I can only hope the Robin Hood plan falls away and I get some therapy. Hmm...Anyway that is all of this hair raising adventure


VWB said...

the general rule is to comment back directly on the same post. That way a thread of the conversation is created.

oftentimes, a commentor will expand on a comment with a post of his own, but he leaves a comment on the original post saying so!

What?? said...

I love the pic! How cute is she! I love Skippy Jon too! Really funny. I am not sure what a nad is either, but I have made it through without that knowledge so...press on. I try to continue the conversation on my comments within the post so that anyone else reading can follow along. It will look broken up if you respond somewhere else.

skippyjohn jones said...

Great help! I am a novice to all this. Olivia quite often dreams about her aspirations and I am waiting for my to involve this blog. So far, I think I am only a few steps from a nightmare. However I did manage to help a colleage navigate through one of the steps-and I don't mean just turning on the computer.