Mission Statement

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thing 23-not the end however...

Oh my name is Skippito Friskito
My 23 things are complete-o
It was such a joy
to learn the new toys
I will blog till I drop dead-ito!

I can honestly say this inservice is my favorite of the decade! Sorry-a class on guide reading groups is number 1. I discovered many new tools that I will assist others in implementing in the classroom, as I don't have a homeroom. I loved the trading cards as an assignment but the Ning as way of collaborating with colleagues. Library2Play pushed me to learn about something I was uncomfortable with in a nonthreatening way. It reminded me always to learn something new-a habit I was falling out of. I was surprised to learn that I am not always a 'collaborator'. I can and do often communicate with others however it is for specific information. This is a mind set that has in the past served me well but alias times change and so do I.
I needed more help on some bigger things like RSS, Rollyo and podcasting. My attempts to overachieve were foiled. Perhaps offering a link for 'Library2Play Dummies' would be helpful. Or maybe a private Ning-where questions could be asked. I will continue to pursue more training in this area. I am less knowledgeable, but desirous of the content. Bring it on!!!
My phrase would be mind boggling!

Thing 22 and counting down...

Nings-This might have been a better spot for me to start the blog idea. I found some of the insights at www.teacherlingo.com to informative. I made an actual second blog. I can't believe it. Skippyjohn here has jumped off the deep end. As for work use, I definitely see it as a great tool for committees and a forum for the beginning part of a discussion or follow-up for that matter to training I do. It will take some time for me to adjust to communicating this way but I think since I mastered the email, I can do this too!

thing 21

This was the hardest thing I have ever done. I think my labor with both children was less than it took me to complete this assignment. Like the RSS, the directions were...not there. I tried so hard to do the best project and I ran into problem after problem. So I ended up with this mediocre work. It is exactly what I hope the kids never do...settle just to complete the task. I am finally finished after many, many, many hours. I sure hope someone enjoys it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

thing 20

Here are my 2 videos. I thought they would be fun for others as they were not too serious.
I can see value in finding presentations already done for inservices as well as material for children. Certainly propaganda is worth exploring at YouTube. We want the kids to be critical thinkers and to make good decisions about this kind of information.




While I have continually professed not enjoying many things about computers, Pandora seems to be the big aha! Finally a radio station for me!!! I have created my profile and I an busy filling it for free. Of course, I won't listen while I am work or my name is not Skippyjon Jones. I enjoyed picking my own music-Led Zepplin, Johnny Cash and Melissa Etheridge to name a few. Then they also named some similar artists. I might actually stay current in music now. Unbelievable!
As to work and the library, well there all I can say is a happy Skippyjon is a productive Skippyjon. I like the idea that I could share this with others so maybe for an inservice we could get to know our favs in music.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thing 18

At first I wondered why mess with something that just now is familiar to me? I can whip out a presentation with powerpoint and I easily navigate in word. Actually I hated changing from my apple to a pc. With that said I ventured out of my comfort zone (skippy into the closet) and tried it.
Wow- I liked the Impress and the Writer! I have to do 3 inservices in August and I think I will use Impress. I had trouble with powerpoint and often had to be guided to find something new or exciting. Some how with this I found choices simply by reading what was in front of me. I actually was changing how the slide came across the screen. whoo hoo my tech friends will be relieved-no more interruptions! It might be as user friendly as my apple was. The writer had the feature I use most and it was just as simple -tables. I need more instruction on all there is with Writer,esp. theme and sound (!). It looks interesting.
I am still wondering why they came out with this? Or rather why did Microsoft not do it?

thing 17

Rollyo was difficult until I reread some stuff about it. The biggest challenge for me was not setting it up, but figuring out what I wanted. I did find some interesting articles for my August inservice. However, I still want to understand Rollyo better. Am I saving sites? Or am I saving the source of the article? I am unclear. I tried again and I discovered I search those sites for what ever I put in. Aha!!!
I must be near the end as I can answer my own questions and my brain is beeeg now!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thing 16

Well finally one 'thing' that really thrills me. I am Skippyjon jumping happily on the trampoline. While I am trained for the activ board, this to me is easier. I much prefer this knowledge to the blogs idea. (I am not really acknowledging it as real, am I?)
I am starting to get a positive feeling about collaboration. I just need my old brain to function in the new world around me. I just don't need a Mama Junebug Jones to send me to my room to think about being a Siamese cat and not a chihuahua.

The wonderful thing is that we could do so much with this and differentiation! I think when assignments include necessary information this becomes an excellent way to break up responsibility. Kids could do different projects based upon their level of expertise. Wow-writing at their individual levels. Think this model to be inclusion for spec ed kiddos. Unbelievable!

I am thinking I must explore this as a tool for writing. Maybe I can put together an inservice on Writing and Wikis. Perhaps even using the Yackpack. I will need technical assistance-no wait I can do this. I am Skippyjon jones! Think that sounds good? Respond....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thing 15.

Wow-how frightening was this assignment. It is like I have stepped into Calvin's world where everything is possible until you go off the cliff. I am currently midair!

The video left me cynical a bit. Sort of the way Calvin felt when the raccoon died. Or like Skippyjon when he is rolled in the tortilla. My father would say this is why the country is going to---- in a hand basket. (I have yet to understand that fully). Children need to reading and thinking. He and I are probably the same in that we are not trusting of the Internet. Knowledge is a powerful tool but one still needs capable hands to use it.

It totally made me scared when I thought of the rewritten LA TEKS and how out dated they are. I will now be looking to the librarian to save the children from continued brain cell losses.

The other reading assignments encouraged me to see this in a more positive light. I read 'More Powerful...' and "To temp place in time...' The history and the positive interaction with a resourceful person was encouraging.

Just as an aside, I went to the Houston Public Library to retrieve the stuffed monkey (Knuffle Bunny) we left from our visit the previous day. We arrived at 10:03. Already many folks were there on the computer checking emails and-yes blogs! It was fascinating to see that the library is not a dead zone. It has evolved into a place where knowledge was swirling about. I was allowed to drink my coffee and converse with others. Children roamed freely reading and yes, they too were talking and this time about books. There is hope for Random House Publishing to survive.

Hip hip hooray for the library! It has come a long way baby...I hope that our school puts in a coffee bar. A little caffeine never hurt anyone and it does me a lot of good.

Thing 14

The first video I watched about Technorati was interesting in 2 aspects. First it was clear and not too much. More importantly, I understood the terms that were being used. There is hope for me!!!

As I watched the second video I realized the power that is out there. I was borderline frightened at how easily someone could get wrong information or misunderstand the information they are receiving. I often see bumper stickers about the 'liberal media'-well this is beyond that. As a teacher of reading, I am so frightened at the prospect of children looking at information without a critical eye. This makes me realize this is huge in implications for reading. Simple questions regarding plot of the story are now even more meaningless if the student is unable to think about reading material more critically.

The last piece made me think critically about the tag issue. While I am not a blogger-yet- I can see the importance of who is tagging. This could easily be abused. Again I am wondering how I will teach the skills needed to discern fact from fiction and critical reading to my now 6 year old.

Any thoughts about how teachers can use blogs to teach reading skills or how to impress upon a 6 year old the questioning thinking they need to have when they read?

Well I tried Technorti and actually they were having 'hiccups' so I really looked around. I need to review the movie again just to work on my purposeful moving and not freak mistakes. Looking for school library... was interesting. Everytime I used search on a different page I came up with something new. Once there were 1700+ then I think I went to blogs or tags and got it down to 15. I need more work.
I did sign up my blog and I will be interested if there is any response. I truely doubt it, but you never know.
I am still pleading for more discussion on this genre and how it works in other schools and in other homes. I know my child will be blogging before he can do double digit subtraction.