Mission Statement

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Evaluation 11.5

Hooray for me!!! I am still ahead of my kids in my knowledge of things available on the computer.
1. My favorite discovery was Skype. While I tried it in the past, I had completely forgotten about it. It will make staying in touch with my family fantastic. As for my teaching persona, I think the image generators are the most accessible for thinking and learning. Wordle is fantastic for pieces of writing but I also like glogster for better projects. But I am also excited to learn screen cast for presentations.

2.Well my learning goal of staying one step ahead of the kids (my own and students) was definitely achieved. I also am becoming more comfortable with my own computer literacy. Collaboration is definitely becoming more important to me as a component for my teaching.

3.The most surprising thing to me was that I knew how to do 2 things prior to the class. I knew about Skype and Facebook. I felt so proud that I was learning without a class and enjoying it.

4.As for the class, I love the structure and format of learning. While I did not participate in the face to face options, I like that they were added. My biggest challenge is always the number of things and time. The lack of specific directions or discovery learning is very time consuming-more powerful but time consuming.
Since the subject matter is so intriguing it would be nice to be rewarded for really delving into it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thng 6 Ipod Touch

I went to the Apple store to learn about this product. Thankfully they were very helpful.

Two that I found that could work in a group setting were Toddlers Flashcards and Preschool Adventures. Our school is getting more and more ESOL students from foreign countries. This would be a great way to introduce some of the vocabulary they would need for reading. You could have them show it to you or read what they find. Both apps would allow a great medium for kids to learn something basic. Also the books section might have easy readers. Shared reading could take on a new look-cool!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing 11 Digital Citizenship

The idea of teaching digitial responsibility methodically and completely is, of course, appropriate and necessary. Just as I teach reading strategies, I could do it using the computer and obtaining information. Our school still has a computer lab which I think should utilized for such discussions. A class blog could be used for evaluation, both in computer skills and reading strategies. Instead I find little explanation of discerning fact from fiction. Depth not breadth (spelling?). With the push for interactive notebooks in Social Studies, this class could be an excellent opportunity for students to use one.
More importantly we must continue to teach our students the value of their views. Plagarism happens one because it is simple but two they don't believe we value their thoughts. Learning information from the internet is powerful but what you do with it is more important. Perhaps I need to coach teachers with their projects. Doing a project that simply regurgitates the information they read has little purpose. Putting information together and moving forward with it in a different light is better. It teaches thinking as well as the idea that their thoughts are valued.

Thing 10 Virtual Worlds

Okay you had me until now. I worked on my shoes for 15 minutes to finally discover I need money to do this...Yikes. I look like someone that might make me lock my doors at night. The sterile looking people are kind of creepy.

I want to understand this more and I would appreciate an inservice on this so I could show my kids cool things...Virtual worlds seem to be coming regardless...although I am now wondering about my job security. I mean exploring something deeper is intriguing. But would I have to make it or are there people who are more proficient?

Kids, especially my son and babysitter loved this. I wanted to say "Go read a book!! Leave me alone." but I fear I would have looked worse. they were fine with everything especially if I messed with it.

Need more info!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing 9 Slideshare


First off I wish I had done this with my husband next to me yesterday. He made a presentation and now is trying to do it via the phone and the other person on their computer. He could have added audio and made a webinar for them. Definetly a time saver...

As a SIS, I could now create webinars and post them. Think of how our minds could grow professionally if we did this for inservices...

Of course for students, this would allow students and teachers to view and comment on in a public way. However not really for elementary students.
As for the letting kids search and view others' slideshows would do so much in expanding their definitions or ideas. For example, Barns offered a wide variety of barns. So many times kids have a set view of things and this allowed them to see different ones, each with a different purpose.

Thing 7

Screencastle: I always wondered how they did this. I can hardly wait to do this with a presentation.

My clip is how to make an appointment on your Outlook calendar:


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thing 8 of L2P2

My first video is an interview with the author Patricia Polacco. I am using her work as a study for the personal narrative. I think understanding how the author thinks leads to insight for the students. Most of her stories are little topics to adults but kids view them as big. She fleshes out a lot of her thinking.

My second video involves Jane Yolen's Devil's Arithmetic. I found two very different book reports on the story. I think it offers a perspective for kids as to how powerful videos can be. Since our 5th graders read this book, I thought doing a video would be relevant. But more importantly I want them to see how an assignment like this should be carefully thought through so as to capture the essence of the book. I see many objectives could be covered. Most importantly the idea of critical thinking could be taught. I am excited to write this up. I think it could be used as a technology goal too!