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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thing 8

Okay-RSS-this is neat because the info comes to you. I did it through Google so now I am completely overwhelmed by them.
However I will say, nothing and I mean nothing, will take the place of sitting outside with my cup of joe reading the newspapers and even the ads. Furthermore I am now thinking about my young kids and the advice I give parents: Let your children see you read. This one of the great motivators for young kids to want to read. And now they will see their parents always on the computer. Will they know when it is work and when it is play? Will it take away from them? I just saw the American Psychiatric Assoc acknowledges the addiction of the internet. Hmmm...shouldn't some right wing group suggest we remove the internet from schools? Also they (APA) suggests you do not send send or access this info through your phone as this is a sign of internet addiction.
I also just purchased a scanner so I could cut out articles and send them to people-don't know if that is legal but my 85 year old mom does it. (Again the apple does not fall far from the tree).
I also realized I am not ready to be consumed by the enormous hours one could loose being on the internet. I am wondering how Dr. Healy of Endangered Minds views this internet obsession that is happening.
As for my school use, once I find some more things to subscribe to I think I will make it completely devoted to that. I think libraries could definitely set up something to keep little eyes looking at appropriate news and entertainment sites.
My children want their mommy back so adios!

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