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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thing 14

The first video I watched about Technorati was interesting in 2 aspects. First it was clear and not too much. More importantly, I understood the terms that were being used. There is hope for me!!!

As I watched the second video I realized the power that is out there. I was borderline frightened at how easily someone could get wrong information or misunderstand the information they are receiving. I often see bumper stickers about the 'liberal media'-well this is beyond that. As a teacher of reading, I am so frightened at the prospect of children looking at information without a critical eye. This makes me realize this is huge in implications for reading. Simple questions regarding plot of the story are now even more meaningless if the student is unable to think about reading material more critically.

The last piece made me think critically about the tag issue. While I am not a blogger-yet- I can see the importance of who is tagging. This could easily be abused. Again I am wondering how I will teach the skills needed to discern fact from fiction and critical reading to my now 6 year old.

Any thoughts about how teachers can use blogs to teach reading skills or how to impress upon a 6 year old the questioning thinking they need to have when they read?

Well I tried Technorti and actually they were having 'hiccups' so I really looked around. I need to review the movie again just to work on my purposeful moving and not freak mistakes. Looking for school library... was interesting. Everytime I used search on a different page I came up with something new. Once there were 1700+ then I think I went to blogs or tags and got it down to 15. I need more work.
I did sign up my blog and I will be interested if there is any response. I truely doubt it, but you never know.
I am still pleading for more discussion on this genre and how it works in other schools and in other homes. I know my child will be blogging before he can do double digit subtraction.


WonderWeiss said...

I think the only safe way for 6 year olds to blog is to create a blog for them, or to find other blogs created for children. I'm surprised that there aren't more. After making my 23things blog, I created a blog for my class, and sent the link to my current and former students. I have posted discussion questions and book reviews, and tried to get them to get involved. I've only had 2 so far, but it is better than none. I plan to continue it through the year, and may actually make blogging a homework assignment--read your minutes at home and Thursday night respond to the discussion question I post. No computer--just write your answer.

There is no way I would turn children loose on technorati and say have fun! But it would be nice to have a kids only internet wouldn't it?

skippyjohn jones said...

A kid's Internet hmmmm....that would be great. Think of how cool reading and writing would be. Also what integration! Keep working on that blog--I know your LA SIS will support and assist you.