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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thing 5

I see great pictures but I am a bit confused by the tags. I understand the concept but because I did not post anything, I was a little lost. I tried many searches and I found not as many pictures as I had hoped. This seemed impossible when I started, however, it maybe that I wanted copyright protected pictures. This is the one I found. This is a metaphor for me and this site. Not quite right but close.


VWB said...

not sure I understand...copyrighted photo/pictures can not be used in project like this....you need to select copyright friendly ..where the creator has given you nad me the right to upload it into a project/assignment, etc.

any picturee you take is yours...it is copyrighted! but if you "borrow" someone else's photo then y have to give you permission!

VWB said...

oops typing got in my way...

then they have to give you permission

WonderWeiss said...

I understand what you mean. Every picture I really like was not for public use. And I had to keep going back and forth looking to see what all the little copyright symbols meant.

There is more about tagging later and you will understand it after doing that thing. Here's a brief description: I just added some of my pictures of Lucy. In the tags I put the month, holiday, season, her name and anyone else's name in the picture. Then when people are looking for easter pictures they can search for Lucy easter and those will pop up. That is for personal use of course, but if you are looking for something specific--pigs in the moonlight--you would look for pig and moonlight. Clear as mud?

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