Mission Statement

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tool #5

Here is my American Hero Animoto...In order for it to work for this project, I had to buy the $30 subscription.

I am hoping my students can do this. 30 seconds is a very short time for kids. Their written summaries are always too long so this is going to be tough.

Here is the same on Stupeflix...it was easier.


skippyjohn jones said...

Okay I did this with my kids today. One of my kids said, "Do you need me to get you a coffee?" Now I am drinking wine. I hope day two with Stupeflix goes easier.

Nanette said...

Tori…What fun to read every rhyme....I think science should pickle your wonderful Tori-brain for posterity!
Stupeflix is now not free either...I think it is a good use of $30 (?) to have am account...30 seconds is not enough time for creative minds!