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Friday, February 17, 2012

Tool #6

This is the best new tool. I can really see my kids enjoying it. It will also help with the idea of 'consuming' in language arts. We can view, critique and understand posts that do something like mine.
Edmodo 2ukm02
I can see many benefits of this to help my kids take responsibility for their homework. Baby steps...In May I might put assignments there for them to try at home. I would like to know more about the calendar feature. Would students be able to add features to the calendar? Then this would be this would be ideal for parents to go to for parent conference sign up. I need more info on this but it looks good.
As for Skype, I have had my sister call on Skype from Switzerland during class. I answered it and the kids loved the conversation. It had snowed there and they all had many questions. It was fun. Educational in the aspect of weather only.

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