Mission Statement

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tool 10

Digital Citizenship
1. I want for them to understand mistakes happen. I also work on copyright issues. Finally we talk about the lack of accuracy. I do make a list of safe sites that helps control their surfing.
2./3. I always begin by discussing that on the internet things don't always go as planned. I discuss my accidental happenings on the computer. We talk about honesty before getting too deep. Since things happen, a student should tell on themselves before I discover it. Next the students get instruction from my wonderful librarian using several you tube videos, I use the brain pop and finally the students go to atomic learning. We review the consequences and as 2nd graders this works well.
4. I could give them information on my edmodo account. Although many of them are unsupervised at home. Luckily my parents know and trust me enough to feel confident that I will preview the sites first.

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