Mission Statement

Thursday, February 23, 2012


1. Using technology, TLW apply understanding of determining important information by creating a presentation showing the important facts of their American Hero.
  • students will research about a famous american on the internet.
  • instruction on determining important information, author's purpose.
  • after teaching powerpoint, stupeflix, movieapp, wordle, the learner will choose a format that showcases the important information they have learned.
This is the beginning of the thinking process. If I don't plan it first then I will fall back on what is familiar and easy. Now I think I might have to use eduphoria to plan out objectives and time lines for the accountability piece.

2. Accountability: UGH! Holding them accountable for learning... or for completing ...or for a grade... or no grade...I have my thoughts however, I also have 2 children and a husband who don't want me to spend all weekend grading. I really need direction from the district on their expectations. For right now I think I will find a way to make the objective be their technology TEKS until I get a handle on the this accountability part.
I would really like for our campus to discuss how this piece would look. I envision assigning certain programs to each grade then choices become easier as their knowledge grows. While they might beat me in Angry Birds, I know more than they do in many ways. This makes technology very overwhelming.
3. I am now signed up for Study Ladder and I use TCEA to help me find stuff. My problem is not in accountability but finding the time to find things for kids-I think about differentiation through the stations.
4. I have used the dragon dictation and the Grimm Brothers on my own iPhone I have and use in my class. The Grimm Brothers tied into a unit on fairy tales as a listening center. The dragon dictation I used to help them learn how to edit a piece of writing on the computer. Skills are important.
5. Accountability...I am not sure how I feel about this quite truthfully. 2nd grade is so crucial. They either get it together or the next years are tough. I just don't have the answer. Sorry.

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