Mission Statement

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Google Docs-
Google Google I love you
As my photo reveals to you!

In the classroom I see its best
No more paperwork or the rest
Notes to parents with response
leads my heart to go bounce bounce

Wish my students could type with speed
then editing would be without a need
We could comment with such grace
Our love would have a special place.

I love the feedback and cloud saving
these docs leave me loudly raving!


Karen J said...

I too love Google Docs. It makes collaboration so easy. Wonder if your students could write a story together using docs? Thinking ahead. Maybe you could create groups that could work together to complete their bird research... Have you tried Google Forms? I think y'all could have fun creating class surveys and collecting the data. What a great introduction! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, overachiever with a poem huh. :) Glad you love Google Docs, as do I. And yes, if 2nd graders could type it would be MUCH easier. I'm signed up for a webinar in a couple weeks all about apps for voice to text recognition. Maybe I'll learn about something new and better than Dictation Dragon since that didn't work so well for your kiddos last year. Then you could get those stories in and have great editing and commenting going on.