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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thing 16

Well finally one 'thing' that really thrills me. I am Skippyjon jumping happily on the trampoline. While I am trained for the activ board, this to me is easier. I much prefer this knowledge to the blogs idea. (I am not really acknowledging it as real, am I?)
I am starting to get a positive feeling about collaboration. I just need my old brain to function in the new world around me. I just don't need a Mama Junebug Jones to send me to my room to think about being a Siamese cat and not a chihuahua.

The wonderful thing is that we could do so much with this and differentiation! I think when assignments include necessary information this becomes an excellent way to break up responsibility. Kids could do different projects based upon their level of expertise. Wow-writing at their individual levels. Think this model to be inclusion for spec ed kiddos. Unbelievable!

I am thinking I must explore this as a tool for writing. Maybe I can put together an inservice on Writing and Wikis. Perhaps even using the Yackpack. I will need technical assistance-no wait I can do this. I am Skippyjon jones! Think that sounds good? Respond....

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