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Friday, July 4, 2008

Thing 18

At first I wondered why mess with something that just now is familiar to me? I can whip out a presentation with powerpoint and I easily navigate in word. Actually I hated changing from my apple to a pc. With that said I ventured out of my comfort zone (skippy into the closet) and tried it.
Wow- I liked the Impress and the Writer! I have to do 3 inservices in August and I think I will use Impress. I had trouble with powerpoint and often had to be guided to find something new or exciting. Some how with this I found choices simply by reading what was in front of me. I actually was changing how the slide came across the screen. whoo hoo my tech friends will be relieved-no more interruptions! It might be as user friendly as my apple was. The writer had the feature I use most and it was just as simple -tables. I need more instruction on all there is with Writer,esp. theme and sound (!). It looks interesting.
I am still wondering why they came out with this? Or rather why did Microsoft not do it?

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