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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thing 15.

Wow-how frightening was this assignment. It is like I have stepped into Calvin's world where everything is possible until you go off the cliff. I am currently midair!

The video left me cynical a bit. Sort of the way Calvin felt when the raccoon died. Or like Skippyjon when he is rolled in the tortilla. My father would say this is why the country is going to---- in a hand basket. (I have yet to understand that fully). Children need to reading and thinking. He and I are probably the same in that we are not trusting of the Internet. Knowledge is a powerful tool but one still needs capable hands to use it.

It totally made me scared when I thought of the rewritten LA TEKS and how out dated they are. I will now be looking to the librarian to save the children from continued brain cell losses.

The other reading assignments encouraged me to see this in a more positive light. I read 'More Powerful...' and "To temp place in time...' The history and the positive interaction with a resourceful person was encouraging.

Just as an aside, I went to the Houston Public Library to retrieve the stuffed monkey (Knuffle Bunny) we left from our visit the previous day. We arrived at 10:03. Already many folks were there on the computer checking emails and-yes blogs! It was fascinating to see that the library is not a dead zone. It has evolved into a place where knowledge was swirling about. I was allowed to drink my coffee and converse with others. Children roamed freely reading and yes, they too were talking and this time about books. There is hope for Random House Publishing to survive.

Hip hip hooray for the library! It has come a long way baby...I hope that our school puts in a coffee bar. A little caffeine never hurt anyone and it does me a lot of good.

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