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Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing 9 Slideshare


First off I wish I had done this with my husband next to me yesterday. He made a presentation and now is trying to do it via the phone and the other person on their computer. He could have added audio and made a webinar for them. Definetly a time saver...

As a SIS, I could now create webinars and post them. Think of how our minds could grow professionally if we did this for inservices...

Of course for students, this would allow students and teachers to view and comment on in a public way. However not really for elementary students.
As for the letting kids search and view others' slideshows would do so much in expanding their definitions or ideas. For example, Barns offered a wide variety of barns. So many times kids have a set view of things and this allowed them to see different ones, each with a different purpose.

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