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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thing 8 of L2P2

My first video is an interview with the author Patricia Polacco. I am using her work as a study for the personal narrative. I think understanding how the author thinks leads to insight for the students. Most of her stories are little topics to adults but kids view them as big. She fleshes out a lot of her thinking.

My second video involves Jane Yolen's Devil's Arithmetic. I found two very different book reports on the story. I think it offers a perspective for kids as to how powerful videos can be. Since our 5th graders read this book, I thought doing a video would be relevant. But more importantly I want them to see how an assignment like this should be carefully thought through so as to capture the essence of the book. I see many objectives could be covered. Most importantly the idea of critical thinking could be taught. I am excited to write this up. I think it could be used as a technology goal too!

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