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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing 10 Virtual Worlds

Okay you had me until now. I worked on my shoes for 15 minutes to finally discover I need money to do this...Yikes. I look like someone that might make me lock my doors at night. The sterile looking people are kind of creepy.

I want to understand this more and I would appreciate an inservice on this so I could show my kids cool things...Virtual worlds seem to be coming regardless...although I am now wondering about my job security. I mean exploring something deeper is intriguing. But would I have to make it or are there people who are more proficient?

Kids, especially my son and babysitter loved this. I wanted to say "Go read a book!! Leave me alone." but I fear I would have looked worse. they were fine with everything especially if I messed with it.

Need more info!!!

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