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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Evaluation 11.5

Hooray for me!!! I am still ahead of my kids in my knowledge of things available on the computer.
1. My favorite discovery was Skype. While I tried it in the past, I had completely forgotten about it. It will make staying in touch with my family fantastic. As for my teaching persona, I think the image generators are the most accessible for thinking and learning. Wordle is fantastic for pieces of writing but I also like glogster for better projects. But I am also excited to learn screen cast for presentations.

2.Well my learning goal of staying one step ahead of the kids (my own and students) was definitely achieved. I also am becoming more comfortable with my own computer literacy. Collaboration is definitely becoming more important to me as a component for my teaching.

3.The most surprising thing to me was that I knew how to do 2 things prior to the class. I knew about Skype and Facebook. I felt so proud that I was learning without a class and enjoying it.

4.As for the class, I love the structure and format of learning. While I did not participate in the face to face options, I like that they were added. My biggest challenge is always the number of things and time. The lack of specific directions or discovery learning is very time consuming-more powerful but time consuming.
Since the subject matter is so intriguing it would be nice to be rewarded for really delving into it.

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Beth said...

Hooray for you! Stretching yourself into the "cloud". I'm sure we'll be able to stay ahead of the kids but at least we'll be in their dust cloud...trails of learning.