Mission Statement

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have enjoyed online communities as I have little time during the day to chat with teachers. It was hard to balance teaching the kids and discussing teaching with other professionals. It is also wonderful as I am maneuvering through the sparse curriculum in language arts. I go to sites and join in hopes of picking their brains. When I am commenting on yahoo, I ignore the rules as many do. While communication has improved with the internet, I think the about amount of trash and it is exponentially growing faster. Perhaps I should post this article on yahoo. I now more mindful of my audience. Sharing my thoughts is easy for me...especially since my blog leaves me undercover. Since I went to professional sites, I found my thinking to be of a different nature. I enjoy reading the thoughts/comments but I am still working on the format so others comment back. I followed the language arts one for a while and of course I follow my schools http://mdetechtools.blogspot.com/ and my son's class, http://lindsayclassnews.blogspot.com/.


Nanette said...

OK...First of all business...to get credit for TOOL #1 you MUST make a Voki...which I anticipate with much glee!
Tool #2 (and your Bio) is so eloquently Tori.
TOOL on and on...I look forward to every verbal expression!

Karen J said...

I have learned so much from my PLN - both on the web and now in Twitter! there are some really fabulous teachers who obviously have a) more than 24 hours to their day or b) MUCH more energy than I do!